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Founded in 2000, ITechConnect provides a wide variety of IT, marketing and web design services. Our focus is providing customers with reliable, leading-edge technologies at very reasonable prices. We realize technology can be intimidating to both the business owner and the customer, and that is why we implement easy-to-use, customer-centric solutions. We offer a wide variety of web-enabled software including appointment scheduling, community management, blogging, social media integration and shopping cart integration. We also provide social media and web marketing services, including advertising on Google Adwords, Facebook/Twitter, Bing, Yahoo, etc., as well as customized ad content and graphics. All of our web solution packages come with a fully customized template including your company logo and color scheme.

At ITechConnect, we specialize in more than just delivering web driven solutions to our customers. Our goal is to help our customers effectively implement that technology within their organization.  With our business process consultation, we can help you analyze tasks within your organization, seeking ways to increase productivity and reduce manual processes.

Our community management services help drive traffic to your website and maintain a solid online customer base.  We offer a variety of open source software that can help your business leverage the power of open development.  We can also assist your company in transitioning to more powerful databases, retrieving data from older legacy systems, and backing up your data both on and off-site.

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    ITechConnect is proud to announce the release of our new website. We've updated our logo and added new services to better assist our customers.


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