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ITechConnect offers Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to drive traffic to your website through non-paid keyword searches. We analyze your website to determine the best possible combination of keywords, content, structure and code optimization to help you achieve top placement.

Keyword Opimization

The most important step in assuring top placement is to make sure your content includes the most commonly searched keywords relevant to your product or service. To achieve this, we analyze your website, the competition, and traffic levels across the web for all relevant keywords. Once we establish the top keywords, we incorporate them in a 'search engine friendly' way throughout your site.

Website Content

While keywords are an integral part of search engine placement, it is also important to have the right content that keeps your visitor interested. We will make sure that your website is well structured. This includes implementing a consistent header, navigation panel and footer throughout the site. We will also help organize your content so it is easily read by both visitors and search engine crawlers alike. This is all in an effort to keep your bounce rate as low as possible.

Bounce rate is number of visitors that visit your site and leave without reading beyond the home page. This is an important statistic to track since it represents the 'interesting' factor of your website. The lower the bounce rate, the longer visitors are enthralled with your content and the more likely they are to return or refer your site to others.

Code Optimization

Beyond keywords and content, the code behind the scenes should be well organized and structured for search engine friendly cataloging. We will make sure your website is W3C compliant, eliminating validation errors. We also analyze javascript, flash and other client-side code to assure it is search engine friendly.

Due to the evolving nature of web code in general, it is vital that websites receive regular maintenance throughout their life cycle to establish consistent search engine ranking. At ITechConnect, our engineers pride themselves on staying ahead of the curve by following SEO trends and researching new technologies. We do this to ensure your website receives the latest relevant technology designed to boost your search engine ranking.

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