ITechConnect Custom Web Applications

ITechConnect provides a variety of web applications designed to bring high-quality, effective web services together in one place. Web Applications include:

  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Shopping Cart and Checkout
  • Forums, Blogging and Social Media

These applications are fully customizable and since they run on a cloud, data is stored securely off-site. Give your business the advantage by implementing our web applications today!

Sample Customized Web Applications - Affiliate Marketing, Forums, utilizes the ITechConnect Affiliate Marketing Engine, PHPBB3 Forums and a Wordpress Blog. All of these features combine to offer a variety of web services and efficient organization of data to make it easy for visitors to find their deal.

Visit - Party Scheduling, Cloud Application, Multi-Location uses the ITechConnect Appointment Scheduling Cloud Application that allows users to see available times and book a party online. The Appointment Scheduling Application is customized for The Extreme Video Game Zone, which relies on mobile business management. The ITechConnect Cloud Applications make managing your business on the road easy and accessible.

Visit - Appointment Scheduling, Cloud uses the ITechConnect Appointment Scheduling Cloud Application - a full-featured appointment scheduler that runs on the cloud. Ben's site is popular among his users for its ease of use and 24/7 availability. The cloud application makes it easy for Ben to track his daily appointments, add/remove appointments, contact his customers, and schedule vacation days.


Offer Your Customers More

Build long-lasting relationships with your customers by offering more than just a generic website. Customers will appreciate the ability to schedule an appointment, leave a message in your forums, or read your blog or column. Having a presence on Facebook and Twitter also helps to solidify your organizations place on the evolving world-wide-web. Read more about how ITechConnect will help with your Online Community Management. Contact us to build or improve your online community today!

Advertise and Succeed

Beyond having a quality, feature-packed website and extensive content, you'll need a way to reach out to those customers who will want a relationship with you. Find new customers and build a consistent customer base by having ITechConnect handle your Online Marketing Campaign.

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    ITechConnect is proud to announce the release of our new website. We've updated our logo and added new services to better assist our customers.


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